The Benefits of Link Targeting

The key to successful content marketing is to consistently produce and promote relevant articles, videos, images, etc. to your target audience.
The problem is that it is difficult, expensive, and time consuming to create your own content on a consistent basis.

With Link Targeting, you no longer have to worry about writing or producing your own company content. Instead, you can share relevant content from industry leading sources, like Wall Street Journal or a trade publication website, and be able to track, engage, and advertise to anyone who clicks your links.

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Find Interesting Content Relevant to Your Audience

Load in your Facebook or Google remarketing pixels into your Link Targeting account so that every person that clicks gets tagged.

Use Link Targeting to Create A Shareable Link

Log-in to your account or use the Chrome extension to instantly create a trackable link. Now, you are ready to share that link and track your results.

Advertise To Anyone Who Clicks Your Shortened Links

Create segments and campaigns inside of Facebook and Google based on who clicked your links. Now, you can advertise to engaged readers from content on any website. If others share that same link, they will get tagged by your pixels too.

Remarketing is Used by The Smartest Brands & Marketers

Neil Patel
Serial Internet Entrepreneur

“Remarketing is probably my favorite form of advertising. I’ve used it to show display ad offers to people who make up my website traffic. It’s always easier to re-engage a user who has shown some level of interest in you, rather than trying to acquire more of those first-time clicks.”

Larry Kim
Internet Advertising Veteran

“I always like to run my remarketing ads on both GDN and Facebook and find that both are incredibly powerful. Remarketing allowed us to increase our repeat visitors by 50%, boost conversion by 51%, and increase time on site by an insane 300%!”

Wally Narwhal
Award Winning Marketing Agency

“Remarketing keeps the conversation about your brand going and may just convince that person to buy a product or service you’re offering. Because so much time is spent on Facebook, this is a great way to get in front of a very specific audience that may have real intent to buy.”

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